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Coffee Powder
& Beans

Azzurri Premium Coffee Bean / Powder - House Blend


Discover our premium and wide variety of exclusive beans selected from world’s best estates, roast to perfection with our years of experience and unique in bean blending.

We import raw coffee beans from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Indonesia. With our own roasting facility, we blend and roast the raw beans and create our own blended brands.

AZZURRI’s in-house blended brands are as follows:

Classic – Full-bodied texture, mild earthy notes, and deep-toned coffee aroma, low in acidity.

Premium - Rich body, smooth tasted with pleasant and sweet aroma.

Supreme - Medium body with strong aroma and smooth feeling.

Private Label Custom Roast


We are able to custom roast based on customer requirements. Our services include blending matching, cupping, testing and roasting to meet customer satisfaction.

Customers may choose from the following high quality coffee beans:
• Columbia Supremo
• Costa Rica S.H.B.
• Hawaii Kona
• Kenya AA
• Papua New Guinea Sigri
• Sumatra Mandheling
• Brazil Santos

Type of Roasting:
Light Roast (Cinnamon) – recommend for light coffee in which one wants the floral and fruity aromas to stand out. The resulting bean is light brown in colour and dry

Medium Roast or American style –this is recommended for light and very pleasing coffees having a medium to light body, a certain richness of aroma and are pleasing to drink.

Full or Dark Roast – a rather high degree of roasting over relatively long time periods

Double Roast – Ideal for strong, bitter coffee. The resulting bean from this type of roasting is dark and oily in surface.

Italian (Espresso) Roast – Very difficult to carry out because it is very risky but this type of roasting gives enormous organoleptic satisfaction. The espresso roast has a monk’s habit colour, is shiny and is ideal for very fine grinding. 

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